CURT electrical products are designed to deliver unsurpassed levels of performance, reliability and durability. Our philosophy in electrical is the same as our philosophy for trailer hitches: we want to provide “the perfect fit”. We want plug-and-play products that offer easy installation and superior functionality. The use of surface mount technology (SMT) components is just one of the steps CURT has taken to achieve this goal. SMT components are the most up-to-date parts available for circuit designs, offering lower resistance, reduced heat generation and longer life cycles than more common, out-of-date, through-hole-mounted components. CURT applies SMT to a full line of tail light converters and to any custom vehicle-to-trailer wiring harnesses (also called T-connectors) with built-in converters. Surface mount technology means:


Sometimes, even with a long-bed pickup truck or spacious SUV, storage space can be tight for those long road trips. It does not take long to run out of room having to pack coolers, sleeping bags, tents, fishing gear and a whole host of other camping essentials. No matter what you are taking along for the ride, you can always have enough room to Bring It® with a CURT cargo carrier or roof rack.

Bike Racks

Whether you’re an avid mountain bikers or casual rider, you’ll want CURT along for the ride. CURT bike racks are made to fit 1-1/4 inch or 2 inch receivers and carry two-to-five bikes. Extendable hitch mounted bike racks have bolt-on arm extensions that increase carrying capacity from two bikes to four. The extendable hitch mounted rack features fold down arms for convenience when rack is not in use.  The tilt-down feature allows you to access the rear of your vehicle while bikes are attached to the rack. CURT Premium Hitch Mounted Bike Racks feature tapered arms for easy mounting of smaller bikes, including children and women’s bikes.  CURT Clamp-On bike racks clamps onto 2” x 2” ball mount shanks and carry up to three bikes. If you are looking to add style and personalization to your vehicle, get a CURT single-arm bike rack which is available in eleven custom colors. Single-arm bike racks carry up to four bikes and fit 1-1/4” receiver tubes. If you’re in the market for bike rack accessories, CURT has a variety of accessories to fit your needs. A CURT cable lock will leave you worry free when leaving your bike unattended. Anti-sway bars and straps add stabilization while towing your bikes. CURT anti-rattle kits are made to be used with hollow-shank bike racks, ball mounts, or other accessories to stop rattling and prevent swaying while towing your bikes.  


we understand that there are countless lifestyles in the world of towing. Each person has a slightly different set of interests and needs. That is why CURT offers a wide variety of ball mount options, not just in size and capacity but also in shape, function and capability. One of our most exciting ball mount products is our exclusive Euro Mount ball mount. This sleek fixed-ball design is fast and easy to install, requiring no tools or torque specifications. Each Euro Mount is designed to replace a common, old-style ball mount, making trailer ball installation unnecessary. CURT also carries a number of other ball mount designs, each with its own set of advantages and uses.

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About CURT

CURT is a leading manufacturer and marketer of top-quality towing products. The company offers American-made, custom-fit receiver hitches and wiring harnesses for nearly any vehicle on the road. They also market a broad range of trailer hitches, towing systems and related accessories. CURT is ‘The First Name in Towing Products’ for automobile and truck hitches, as well as RV, gooseneck and commercial towing systems.



Trailer Hitches

CURT manufactures over 1,000 different trailer hitches to meet every possible towing need. It is our goal to always be your best option for towing by providing a complete line of quality products and being first-to-market with towing products for each new vehicle. If we can get you out on the road with a hitch you can enjoy for years to come, doing more of what you love, we have done our job.